"Welcome to Astrology Lodestar, the virtual platform for readings and classes by Trudy Wendelin in both astrology and tarot. Trudy has been doing readings for more than 20 years and has clients worldwide. She interprets the horoscope or birth chart as the Blueprint of the Soul, giving insights to Life Purpose, Career, Health, Relationships, Family, Wealth and Location. Ultimately, astrology is a guide or lodestar for everyone to help align with their higher path or direction. It is a powerful tool for self-awareness, that helps liberate your higher or authentic self. And tarot is always an option to integrate with astrology as the intuitive complement. The tarot card symbols are based on the archetypes of astrological planets and sign"


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+1 206-681-5420

Astrology Lodestar


+1 206-681-5420



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